The Kimono

A page about the modern asian dress.
On this page I will tell you how to get dressed with a Kimono.

How to dress the Kimono ?

The first step is putting on the underwear
Second step is to put the first Kimono over the underwear. This first lefel of Komono is called the [need to be researched]. It is mostly white color.
Fixing the first one with a smal belt.
Now it is time for the second Kimono layer.
Fix this second layer also with a smal belt at the hip so the bottom line of the kimono goes exactly at the foot ankle. The rest of the Kimono length will now be aranged around the waist so it fall straight and dont make wrinkles.
This arangment is now again fixated with a small belt, but nat as before around the hipe. This one has to be placed above the taille.
Now it is time to warp the first Obi around the waist. This one is called [has to be resourched] and often in a color that is a bit contrast from the Kimono and the final Obi
Finaly we now get the stage were we can put the final Obi around the waist.

Now the very complicated process in making the final decorative knote of the Obi in the back has to be made.

On the right side you see a few exemples how this kontework could look.

We are now ready for your privat tea zeremony *smile*, just add a few accesories like a fan and a little bag or purse.



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