The Sari

A page about the traditional asian dress.
On this page I will tell you a bit more about one of my favorit fashion things, the Sari.

What is the Sari ?

The Sari is a traditional peach of clothes from the country of India...

A short history of the Sari:

The historical periode:
The beginning

Early versions and today, this style is still preferred.

Modern Day:
In our modern time many things funerals.

How to cut and sew an Sari:

To make your own.

The minimum measurements needed
( keep the tape loose) are like following:

neck circumference
shoulder width
arm hole size
length of arm
wrist circumference
chest circumference
length from low of neck to largest part of chest
length from back of neck to waist
waist circumference
hip circ.
length from waist to desired hem line
All measurements must be in centimeters, not inches.
Good luck!

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