The Kimono

A page about the modern asian dress.
On this page I will tell you a bit more about one of my favorit fashion things, the Kimono.

What is the Kimono ?

The Kimono is the traditional dress from old Japan. Today it is no more worn as often.Only for special ocassions women dress in the Kimono. As all over the world men lost her sens for fashion and don't try to dress in traditional and beautifull clothes for special occasion. But still the Hakama that was part of the mens Kimono Dres still survived the past times and is still used in some Material Art Style dress like for Aikido, Kendo and a few more.

A short history of the Kimono:

The historical periode:
The beginning

Early versions and today, this style is still preferred.

Modern Day:

A little guide to Kimono handling:

How to cut and sew an Kimono:

To make your own Kimono you need to know he following to calculate size:

The minimum measurements needed ( keep the tape loose) are like following:Kimono design template

All measurements must be in centimeters, not inches.
Finaly you like to make your own design with the template on the right.

Good luck!

My Kimono Ring:

I have created a Web-Ring called "Kimono Web-Ring". I thought that more people have intrest on Kimonos. So it would be a good idea to share all our pages so that other people can easy found mor information about Kimonos. It is unimportant what kind of intrest people have in kimonos. Some would like the fabric, some other intrestet in historic or cultural thing. Or posible some other only like it to waer a Kimono, like I do. So if you have anything about Kimonos submit your site/page.

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